How Does The Cloud Change The Way We Do Business?

“Crawl, walk, run” is what we are advising clients of all sizes when it comes to the cloud. Atidan is helping to deliver a variety of cloud services including backup, test/development servers, production servers, application and mobile services, advanced security solutions and much more. Contact us for a no obligation analysis and briefing to find out your best path to the cloud.

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How has the cloud revolution enabled businesses to be more efficient and cutting edge? Let’s count the ways. There are many.
Effective and Inexpensive
First of all, the cloud has made businesses more cost effective by allowing them to store unlimited amounts of data inexpensively. Companies don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts of money to access cloud technology. A major capital expenditure is not necessary to access cloud based applications. This cost saving allows businesses to be more efficient and streamlined. This is just one of the many benefits of what the cloud has to offer.
Performing Varied Functions
For example, customers can have instant access to information and services using only a laptop or using their smartphones. The cloud allows them to perform a variety of functions online ranging from shopping, reading, participating in discussions, and many more, all in one place. Cloud technology essentially offers the end user a one-stop portal. There is no need to flip through the yellow pages of your old phone company.
The same is true for a company’s employees. They can have instant access to company files and information allowing them to interact with the home office, suppliers and customers. The data they need can be accessed instantly in one convenient place on the web, saving them time and making them more efficient.
In fact, access to cloud-based applications also allows employees more mobility and freedom. While traveling the globe, all they need is access to the Internet via a laptop or their smartphone, or just have to pop into an Internet café to access their data in the cloud. Their data and important documents and files can be safely stored and accessed in the cloud, allowing them to travel without worries, with peace of mind.
Instant Access
Collaboration is a breeze thanks to the cloud. Businesses can share information with their suppliers and employees, allowing them to access important data instantaneously. Sharing information, ideas and data has never been so easy.
Improved Technology
In addition, the cloud has helped businesses in a variety of other ways, including compliance and risk management, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, E-commerce, help desk and support services, document management, disaster recovery, and supply chain management. All of these tasks have been made easier thanks to the advent of the cloud. As the technology keeps improving, there will be many more ways in which the cloud can help companies become more efficient.
So, for these and many other reasons, the cloud has changed the way we do business. What’s there not to like? The cloud has changed the way we do business for the better.
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Transformational Trends

Azure Transformational Trends

Mobility and Cloud:

In the future, computing will be everywhere and vastly more integrated. Not only will our devices talk to one another, the range of “devices” will expand to include cars, buildings, roads, cities and homes, and our interactions with technology will be more natural and intuitive.

Our focus is on integrating our services with advanced hardware in a way that unifies all the devices people use daily. Our devices are not only connected to unique communications, productivity and entertainment services from Microsoft, but can also access great services and applications from our partners and developers.

We believe we, along with our partners such as Atidan, are uniquely positioned to bring together the best in devices and services, resulting in amazing experiences for our customers – whether SMBs or enterprises.

Microsoft has the expertise, breadth of knowledge and ecosystem capabilities to lead the shift to cloud computing.

Our partner-centric approach has been with us since the very beginning; it’s what helped define our success in the personal computing era, and it’s what differentiates us in today’s devices and services era.


Social technology may be relatively new from a business perspective, but it’s already a normal part of day-to-day life for tens of millions of people. Those people are employees, partners and customers. The way we connect and interact with people, information and organizations is changing, and these changes are having a profound impact on the modern workplace.

Enterprise social is the new cornerstone of workplace collaboration and addresses the changing nature of work. For enterprise social tools to be effective, it can’t just be a destination; social has to be woven into the apps people use every day to unite the people, information and application data in a way that drives greater effectiveness, performance and agility.

Microsoft provides a compelling vision, complete enterprise social solutions, and the proven expertise to help companies get social right.

Big Data:

Big data has the potential to change the way organizations, academic institutions and even consumers conduct business, make discoveries and interact in their day-to-day lives. Microsoft believes big data has the power to drive practical and theoretical insights that have eluded people to date.

We’re not there yet. The data is big, but the tools for analyzing big data have not fully permeated down to people who are most capable of seeing new possibilities. It’s not enough to be able to harness unstructured data and fuse it with structured data.

Some organizations are already winning with better, faster insight. According to Gartner, “By 2015, organizations that build a modern information management system will outperform their peers financially by 20 percent.” Big data insights are opening new doors to businesses of all types.

We know other organizations will follow, and when they do, we’ll see a period of incredible innovation and disruption. Yet, this is not a technology story; it’s a people story. Microsoft wants to empower the broadest set of people to explore big data, and we’re going big to deliver on this goal. We’ve always believed that making technology available to more people would unleash insights on a scale never seen before. So today we’re planting a stake in the ground on big data, sharing our point of view on turning big data’s potential into reality.

As tools and skills proliferate, big data insight will shift to the masses. The outcome will be smarter cities, greater academic learning and discovery, better and more health/wellness initiatives, more efficient use of natural resources, safer energy acquisition, better customer service at retail, more accurate risk assessment within finance, and infinitely others.

Sources: IDC and Gartner

Presented by David Rosenthal, CEO Atidan, Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) October 28, 2013

Atidan Releases ProjectExplore™ for iPad: Mobile Project Management for Microsoft Project Server

Atidan released today ProjectExplore™ for iPad, a mobile application for project managers to work with Microsoft Project Server 2010.  It provides a flexible and productive project management solution with the ability to view an enterprise dashboard of projects and resources, detailed individual project plans, resource & project allocations and work distributions.  ProjectExplore™ delivers the best of Microsoft Project Server 2010 in an elegant, intuitive and simple iPad application.

“Effective project management requires clear communication, fast decisions and efficient allocation of people and resources,” said Sophie Shuklin, Vice President, Atidan. “ProjectExplore™ provides real-time project information and reporting anywhere you need it to enable collaboration and the alignment of business priorities”.

This innovative iPad app does not require any Project server plugins and works with Windows Authentication.

Available for purchase from the Apple App Store with an introductory price of $4.99.  Download today!

Key features:

All Projects Summary (dashboard view)

  • Timeline and progress chart
  • Work distribution charts

Resource Center

  • Resource allocation plan with color indicators for over-allocation
  • Filter by resource name, dates

Project Plan

  • Search by project name
  • See detailed plan with hierarchical view of tasks
  • Apply filters to view completed tasks, specific resources, or dates

Export and Email

  • Email a project plan or all projects summary in .csv format

Connects to multiple project server sites


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