Nintex Mobile 3.0 Apps Released


Nintex Mobile apps put the power of Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms in your hands – anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re on the road or between meetings, you can act on your processes quickly, easily and securely. Watch the Nintex Mobile Overview video.

Nintex Mobile App Download

Trialing Nintex Mobile for your device is easy! Even if you don’t have Nintex Workflow or Nintex Forms, you can submit a request for a trial environment straight from the app.

Take the power of your business processes into your own hands today and stay productive anywhere, anytime.

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Nintex Mobile Seamless Workflow At Your Fingertips

Seamless Workflow At Your Fingertips

Pick Up Where You Left Off

Real-time synchronization ensures all changes to your workflows and forms show up immediately on your mobile device, so you can stay productive everywhere.

More Than Words

With Nintex Forms and Nintex Mobile apps, forms are more than words in text fields. Feed pictures, videos and other data directly into your processes.

Intuitive & Consistent

Rendering forms in native apps ensures a familiar experience for users, delivering the right format for their device and platform.

Product Features

Take Your Processes On The Go To Maximize The Impact Of Your Workforce

  • Eliminate paper-based processes by capturing data directly on a mobile device
  • Interact with business systems and processes when you’re away from your desk
  • Kick-off, track and delegate tasks from your mobile device

Watch the scenario video.

Nintex Mobile Screenshot
Optimize Your Experience Across Popular Mobile Devices and Platforms

Optimize Your Experience Across Popular Mobile Devices and Platforms

  • Native apps take advantage of the best features of your mobile hardware and software
  • Keep processes moving, even when you’re offline
  • Securely access your processes without configuration changes to your environment

Watch the scenario video.

Mobilize Your Processes Quickly and Easily

  • Maximize the return on investment of Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms
  • Enable non-technical users to make forms mobile with one click
  • Allow developers to get more done with less code

Watch the scenario video.

Mobilize Your Processes Quickly and Easily

Adlib PDF 5.2 Enhancing ECM Deployments for Global Organizations

Adlib PDF 5.2 Enhancing ECM Deployments for Global Organizations

The newest version of Adlib PDF improves output support including  all PDF/A standards

Adlib PDF delivers Advanced Rendering to help organizations improve their Enterprise Content Management (ECM) based document processes. It converts and combines virtually any document into high quality, searchable PDF or PDF/A formats to support document publishing, collaboration, compliance and archiving initiatives.

  • Adlib PDF 5.2 Launch

Adlib PDF 5.2 offers a number of exciting new benefits including:

  • Enhanced Archive Capabilities:
    • Adlib PDF 5.2 includes support for all ISO archiving standards, including PDF/A-1 through PDF/A-3 and the corresponding conformance levels a, b, and u. This comprehensive support will benefit organizations looking to archive multiple content formats and attachments such as emails and faxes. Additionally, many regulatory bodies (e.g. The ZUGFeRD invoicing standard in Germany) require PDF/A-3 for compliance, which is now supported.
  • Increased Support for Multiple Input and Output Formats:
    • Extending our Advanced Rendering capabilities, Adlib 5.2 introduces enhancements for rendering AutoCAD DWG files to ensure the highest fidelity possible, minimizing line-width issues.
    • Support for the creation of multiple file formats in a single job – increasing efficiency for end users and administrators.
    • Enhanced output to printers, reducing spool time and storage space required to print complex documents.
    • Greater output flexibility including more color options, and multiple page size/orientations controls.
  • Improved Enterprise Environment Performance:
    • Introduction of a 64-bit OCR engine enables lower fail rates and faster processing of larger files for organizations that demand high quality, mass scalability and protection for their critical content.
    • Improved support for allocating engine resources by geography, environment or task by enabling the configuration of each server to one or more groups.
    • Support for Windows Server 2012 R2, the de facto standard in most enterprise IT organizations.

Adlib 5.2 Key Features

  • PDF/A-3 (ISO 19005-3)
  • 64-Bit OCR Engine
  • Multiple Output File Formats In One Job
  • Enhanced Output to Printers
  • Improved Engine Grouping/Allocation
  • Enhanced AutoCAD DWG Support
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Support

Atidan is pleased to partner with Adlib to extend Microsoft SharePoint ECM environments and to connect to workflow / process engines such as Nintex and K2.  Please contact us at

Project & Portfolio Success with the Atidan Project & Process Jumpstart – Thursday August 14th – Unified Project Management with BrightWork and Nintex for Microsoft SharePoint

Atidan is pleased to invite you to our live event on Thursday August 14th, 2014 at 2 PM EDT where we will demonstrate how to create the ultimate project office with Atidan’s Project & Process Jumpstart.  Featuring fully integrated business processes to drive an efficient project management office, any organization can instantly deploy an affordable amount of project, portfolio and everyday work management, delivering immediate visibility and control. The Project and Process JumpStart uses best practices and a proven deployment approach to rapidly implement a fully working Project Office utilizing Microsoft SharePoint, BrightWork, Nintex and Atidan integration expertise.

Register here for Thursday August 14th!

During our demonstration, participants will learn about:

    • Easy Project Tracking Integrated to the Project Office
    • Best Practice Templates
    • Mobile Enabled Forms – task tracking, issue management etc.
    • Balanced Scorecard
    • Configurable Workflows – portfolio, task and project management
    • Enhanced Project and Portfolio Reports
    • Professional Development and Training delivery Approach


BrightWork Solution Data Sheet

Brightwork Project Management for SharePoint

Nintex Workflow for Everyone

Business Process Everywhere With Nintex Forms

Contact the Atidan team for additional information about our project management and SharePoint solutions, development and support services:  

Nintex Workflow for SharePoint from AtidanBrightWork Project Management Template Spectrum - AtidanNintex Forms for SharePoint from AtidanBrightwork Portfolio Management from Atidan

On Demand Webinars – Demonstrations, Innovation and Microsoft Tips & Tricks

Join Atidan and Microsoft for this exciting series of On Demand webcasts including valuable tips, tricks, demonstrations and cloud solutions.  Contact us for a no obligation personalized demonstration, briefing, free trials and special offers!  Click the titles below to watch now – available only until September 30, 2014.

A Beginner’s Guide to SharePoint

Store documents, create team sites, and learn the ropes of an Office 365 SharePoint site for business.

Waterfall of Office Tips & Shortcuts

Get ready to be bowled over by a huge flood of awesome tips and tricks that’ll save you gobs of time.

Running Meetings and Webinars with Lync

Learn how Lync 2013 works in meetings, including white boards and polls. Plus a look behind-the-scenes look of how we do a webinar on Lync.

The New Office for Midsize Businesses

This session covers some of the common business challenges that midmarket customers face today and how Office 365 address those challenges.  It reviews the features and benefits of Office 365 and of the cloud in general, and finishes off with a live demonstration of the services and some next steps and how to get started.

See Office 365 in Action

In this recording, we demonstrate Office 365 and some key capabilities.  We show the Lync experience – for example sharing desktops, receiving calls, and receiving instant and voice messages – recordings and emails.  We show how easy and productive it is to use all of these tools in a fast paced environment on the fly.   We also show and discuss other features in Office 365 while demonstrating the richness of Lync.

Big Business Tools on a Small Business Budget: 3 Essentials for Business Success

America’s 23 million small businesses are the heart and soul of our economy. It used be that small business owners could only dream of accessing the powerful technology solutions fueling Fortune 500 companies. Now, in a truly momentous time, small businesses can easily access the same rich functionality at incredible affordable prices. In this webinar, you’ll learn how technology can help boost three key areas of your small business: productivity, mobility and security.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Show Me the Demo

Microsoft Dynamics CRM brings together sales, marketing, and customer care teams so you can deliver amazing customer experiences, and we want to show you exactly how this happens. LIVE.

100-Level Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Overview
This will cover Dynamics CRM overview topics and live demo. Hear about the latest Microsoft Dynamics 2013 release, see the product in action, and ask questions —this is the demo you’ve been waiting for!

Take Less Time Handling your Inbox & Calendar

The Microsoft Experience the Possible webcast series is a weekly 30-minute series designed to help you understand how Microsoft can help you work faster, smarter, and more efficiently as an individual and across teams with the latest productivity tools available. This new series will show how you and your organization can get more out of each and every day by:

  • Making your mobile devices a competitive advantage.
  • Staying organized across your inbox, customer data and cross-team collaboration.
  • Improving processes, workflows and enterprise social interactions.
  • Finding, sharing and transforming data into real, actionable business insights.

Being able to work productively from virtually anywhere.

Secrets of Revenue Growth: Discover How Some Small Businesses Are Growing 15 Percentage Points Faster

An event designed for small and midsize businesses. Featured speaker Thomas Hansen, Vice President for Small and Midsize Business, will focus on how technology can propel your business to greater success.

Among the topics he will cover:

  • Independent research by The Boston Consulting Group(1) about the impact of technology on small and midsize businesses worldwide
  • How technology helps these businesses thrive and grow
  • How you can use technology to boost your business
  • What a Microsoft partner can do to help jumpstart your success

(1) The Boston Consulting Group surveyed 4000 small and midsize businesses internationally, in an independently conducted study commissioned by Microsoft. The complete study, Ahead of the Curve: Lessons in Growth from Small and Midsize Businesses, was released on October 5, 2013.

Trending Everywhere – Is Yammer User Adoption the Latest Craze?

Trending Everywhere – Is Yammer User Adoption the Latest Craze?

Yammer User Adoption report

Budgets dictate organizations’ abilities to purchase solutions, products and which areas need to be further invested in to ultimately reach their goals. SharePoint portals are generally well-calculated and allotted for within organizations, so user adoption, optimized ROI and productivity justify the acquisition. Yammer, the leading social platform now being integrated into SharePoint platforms more daily, is a spunky slice of sweet pie feature that can increase user engagement and escalate portal user adoption.

If your organization is making the distinct effort to reach their sweetest success rates with the integration of Yammer, then find out your Yammer User Adoption rates with the CardioLog Analytics Yammer User Adoption Rate Report and optimize productivity and usage. You can discover how many users you have registered on Yammer, and how many groups are growing in the Yammer community. With our other flavorful features, you can then go as far as seeing what kind of activity is happening, who’s creating it and all of the central metrics to understand Yammer User Adoption.

 Contact the Atidan CardioLog team today to learn more, for a demonstration and to find out about our latest cloud SaaS model for Yammer analytics!

Among the Menu of Exclusive features CardioLog Analytics offers, Yammer Social Reports deliver:


Generating reports with insight on Yammer user and group activity and how influential these populations are in your Yammer Network can assist with the evaluation of user adoption levels to create a proactive action plan to increase portal usage and productivity.

With Yammer, organizations are able access a variety of content and surround it with rich metadata, such as shared posts, tagging, rating and more, so now search options are expanded further for SharePoint users to access sought after information within Yammer.

CardioLog Analytics Yammer Social Reports now offer innovative insight, and SharePoint users can optimize their portals even further with the array of features and awareness brought to users.