Atidan Releases ProjectExplore™ for iPad: Mobile Project Management for Microsoft Project Server

Atidan released today ProjectExplore™ for iPad, a mobile application for project managers to work with Microsoft Project Server 2010.  It provides a flexible and productive project management solution with the ability to view an enterprise dashboard of projects and resources, detailed individual project plans, resource & project allocations and work distributions.  ProjectExplore™ delivers the best of Microsoft Project Server 2010 in an elegant, intuitive and simple iPad application.

“Effective project management requires clear communication, fast decisions and efficient allocation of people and resources,” said Sophie Shuklin, Vice President, Atidan. “ProjectExplore™ provides real-time project information and reporting anywhere you need it to enable collaboration and the alignment of business priorities”.

This innovative iPad app does not require any Project server plugins and works with Windows Authentication.

Available for purchase from the Apple App Store with an introductory price of $4.99.  Download today!

Key features:

All Projects Summary (dashboard view)

  • Timeline and progress chart
  • Work distribution charts

Resource Center

  • Resource allocation plan with color indicators for over-allocation
  • Filter by resource name, dates

Project Plan

  • Search by project name
  • See detailed plan with hierarchical view of tasks
  • Apply filters to view completed tasks, specific resources, or dates

Export and Email

  • Email a project plan or all projects summary in .csv format

Connects to multiple project server sites


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