Enterprise Smart Search Applications

Atidan demonstrated enterprise ‘Smart Search’ solution utilizing Microsoft’s Fast Search platform and Microsoft SharePoint 2010 at recently held Worldwide Microsoft SharePoint conference in Anaheim, CA.  The Fast Search engine delivers an exceptional Intranet, Extranet and Internet search experience from a single integrated and extendable platform that searches in the language of your business.  By finding information quickly, connecting various data sources, and creating visualized and actionable information, enterprises can save time, money and improve the pace of innovation.

Search for Intranets
Smart Search for Intranets can be used to power search-driven applications, for functions such as 360 customer insight, competitive intelligence, compliance & risk management, engineering & operations, customer service and research.  Instead of a plain search box and thousands of unfiltered results, the Atidan Smart Search Intranet solution delivers a unified interface encompassing multiple internal and external sources of structured and unstructured data, social networking, intelligent recommendations & rankings with lightning fast response times.

Search for Extranets
Collaborating efficiently with partners, suppliers and customers is critical in an information-driven business environment.  Atidan delivers Smart Search for Extranets by surfacing relevant, data such as customer metrics, project information, reference documents, contracts, specifications and performance data.  Data from systems such as CRM, operations, supply chain management and eCommerce can be delivered exactly when it is needed to speed the delivery of critical information for business.

Search for Internet
Atidan’s Smart Search for Internet sites creates a dynamic search experience for customers accessing public websites powered by Microsoft Fast Search for Internet Sites and SharePoint 2010.  A customized and intelligent experience that handles misspelled words, broad search terms, and pro-active suggestions can be designed to meet specific industry requirements. In addition to offering adaptive visual interactions, results can change with people’s preferences to help guide them to a specific transaction or critical information.  Smart Search for Internet Sites drives revenue and productivity.

Mid-size to enterprise organizations that want to improve productivity and drive business outcomes need to connect people with context and specific information as quickly as possible.  With Atidan’s Smart Search platform, Atidan provides that in a single and cost effective solution. A single keyword search can now reveal critical business insights from numerous sources that otherwise would not have been readily accessible.

Some of the key benefits of FAST search include the following capabilities:

  • Search in the language of your business
  • Use content processing to automatically create metadata
  • Tune relevance to meet diverse needs
  • Search content based on context
  • Make search more visual with thumbnails and previews
  • Build search-driven applications
  • Utilize visual best bets, query suggestions, and Did you mean?
  • Deep and visual refinements provide exact search counts
  • Expose information from other sources using federated search

Contact the Atidan FAST/SharePoint team at sharepoint@atidan.com for a demonstration and to learn more about our search solutions.

Atidan Document Explorer for Sharepoint 2010

After the resounding success of first Document Explorer for SharePoint 2007, Atidan launched an improvised Document Explorer product on SharePoint 2010 at recently concluded Microsoft SharePoint Conference in October 2011.

User can browse through the documents in the document library just like the normal windows explorer using Atidan’s Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 Document Explorer!! You can view documents in document libraries residing at site level and its content in an intuitive, collapsible, hierarchical format. Documents can be searched by typing the keywords in the search bar, On Key Type search allow users to find relevant documents quickly . Document Explorer loads documents dynamically for better performance. Ability to upload documents to document library with single click is added as an add on feature.


Document Explorer comes with two different variations.

  • Trial Version: User can explore all the features of the product by downloading the free trial version of the software.
  •  Server License: You can purchase the server licenses for Sharepoint 2010 of the product.

Atidan offers following support services for the licensed version of the product.

  • Premium support: Along with the product user can purchase the premium support which would offer the priority technical support attention from our technical support team.
  •  Standard support: It would offer basic technical support with response time of 2 business days.

For Details Information about the product “Atidan Document Explorer for Sharepoint 2010” you can visit our Webstore at