How to Set Up a Program Portfolio for an Executive Team in SharePoint – September 16th, 2PM EDT

Join us and learn how to utilize SharePoint and BrightWork’s PMO solution to create the ultimate project office for Program and Portfolio Management for an Executive Team!  See a single, central system to view, manage and collaborate across all projects and deploy best practices for project and portfolio management.
David Rosenthal, CEO of Atidan will show configurable templates, iterative deployment of PM process and amazing project metrics, portfolio views, status reports, mobile enabled forms, task tracking, KPI’s and more.
We will cover:
1. Project Management Office Overview
2. Program/Department level Dashboards
3. Organization-wide Dashboards including Exception Reporting
4. Key Performance Indicators and Metrics
5. Automated Reporting

All Attendees will receive a free project management template for Microsoft SharePoint and a chance to win a copy of Windows 8 Pro.

Brightwork Template Spectrum - Atidan Brightwork Portfolio Management from Atidan

A Free Template To Get You Started Using SharePoint 2013 for Project Management

We talk a lot about extending SharePoint for managing projects, and we cite the collaborative benefits of having project teams working together in one organized and easy to use environment.

It's here and it's still free!

In fact, we offer a ton of free guidance on our website and a trial of the full BrightWork solution for PPM on SharePoint – the templates, dashboards, metrics, training guides – the lot!

But for many taking the first step to initiate and formally manage a project in SharePoint isn’t easy.  Questions arise that almost always stop folks in their tracks straight away.

How do we structure the project?  What deliverables and reports are needed by each stakeholder?  How much process is enough?  What best practices/methodology should we follow?  Do we have the skills to set this up ourselves in SharePoint?

So we decided to give people a really easy and risk free way to get started, and we created a set of two free project management templates – based on best practices – that will run on both SharePoint 2010 and 2013.  They’re simply called Project ‘Lite’ and ‘Structured’ and differ in the level of project management process and coordination built in.

The Lite template has been available on SharePoint 2010 and 2013 for a while now with the Structured on 2010 only – until today.  We’ve just released the free Structured template on SharePoint 2013, which I hope will bring a smile to the several thousand of you that have been asking for it.  We know this latest addition will add value as there are now over 15,000 organizations using the current versions and that number is growing every day.  Wowsers!

Here’s what you get in the new Structured template on SharePoint 2013

  1. A best practice template with a structure built in to guide the Initiation, Planning, Tracking, Managing and Closing of a project.
  2. Pre-defined project deliverables including Goals, Tasks, Risks, Issues, and Documents.
  3. Reports and dashboards including Project Status Reports, My Work, Metrics, Gantt Charts, Resource Reports.
  4. Project team collaboration with Discussions, Lessons Learned, Email, and Team Calendars.
  5. An optional two-way sync to Microsoft Project Professional for more advanced scheduling.

SharePoint 2013 Free Template

The icing on the cake?

As with the other free templates, the project Structured is completely integrated with SharePoint 2013 and is highly configurable.  You can make changes to the forms, reports, fields, columns, create new reports etc. with no programming needed.  AND you get installation guides, training videos, and free access to an online community and forum where you can connect with us BrightWorkers, other users worldwide and ask questions etc.

Getting started with project management on SharePoint may seem daunting. But with the right tools and guidance, it can be easy and put you on a path to real project management success.  This new free template is a risk free starting point and it works.

You can download your copy here.  For you admins out there, it runs on all versions of SharePoint 2013, including Office 365.

I have one favor to ask.  Check back in with us in the forum and share your experience.  We want to deliver solutions that make project management success, easy for everyone.  It’s feedback from you, the real users, that matters.

Atidan Launches Project and Process Jumpstart with BrightWork and Nintex for Microsoft SharePoint – Deliver Project, Portfolio and Everyday Work Management

Atidan is pleased to announce the Project and Process Jumpstart featuring the BrightWork PMO, Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms for Microsoft SharePoint at the Worldwide Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. Featuring fully integrated business processes to drive an efficient project management office, any organization can instantly deploy an affordable amount of project, portfolio and everyday work management, delivering immediate visibility and control. The Project and Process JumpStart uses best practices and a proven deployment approach to rapidly implement a fully working Project Office utilizing Microsoft SharePoint, BrightWorkNintex and Atidan integration expertise.

Atidan’s Project and Process Jumpstart includes:

  • Fifty perpetual end-user licenses of all BrightWork templates
  • Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms for unlimited users
  • Project scoping, planning and setup, and needs definition
  • Installation and configuration of the BrightWork and Nintex solutions
  • Design of the local Project Office hierarchy
  • Configuration of 2 templates to manage 2 different project types
  • Configuration of 1 Project Office/rollup template for program level reporting across projects
  • Three workflow processes to support the PMO including portfolio management, project status and task escalation
  • Five mobile-enabled forms for project initiation, issue management, task tracking, risk reporting, and change requests
  • Introductory training for support staff and end users
  • Software support & new releases for one year
  • Annual Health Check with advice and recommendations

“Atidan’s Project and Process Jumpstart includes SharePoint project management templates from BrightWork for managing different types of projects, each of which can be easily customized to fit your needs and practices,” said David J. Rosenthal, President & CEO of Atidan. “Adding Nintex’s Workflow and Forms enables efficiency, speed, mobile everywhere access and process control.  Atidan makes it easy to get started and provides a future path for growth and mature project management practices.”

BrightWork’s suite of templates for project, portfolio and everyday work management includes a full spectrum of support for team members, project managers, program managers and project office teams including:

  • Project Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Demand Management
  • Work Management

Special Offer:

Through June 30, 2014, qualified Atidan clients can receive the BrightWork-Nintex Project Office Jumpstart for a special introductory price.

BrightWork Solution Data Sheet

Brightwork Project Management for SharePoint

Nintex Workflow for Everyone

Business Process Everywhere With Nintex Forms

Contact the Atidan team for additional information about our project management and SharePoint solutions, development and support services:




SharePoint Reporting for Project and Portfolio Management – Webinar October 17th 2PM EDT / 18:00GMT

Atidan is pleased to invite you to our live event on Thursday October 17th, 2013 at 2 PM EDT where we will demonstrate how to create project metrics, portfolio views, status reports, KPI’s and more with BrightWork for Microsoft SharePoint. BrightWork enables any organization to instantly deploy an affordable amount of project, portfolio and everyday work management, delivering immediate visibility and control.

Register here for Thursday October 17th!

During our demonstration, participants will learn about:

    • Managing projects with simple KPIs
    • Managing medium sized projects with metrics
    • Getting metrics from Microsoft Project into SharePoint
    • Managing across a portfolio of projects with metrics
    • Delivering status reports and personal reports

BrightWork’s suite of templates for project, portfolio and everyday work management includes a full spectrum of support for team members, project managers, program managers and project office teams. The Project Office Jumpstart includes templates for:

    • Project Management: Issue Manager, Project Lite, Project Standard, Project Structured, Agile Software Manager, IT Project Manager and Scrum
    • Portfolio Management: Issue Office, Projects Tracker, Project Office and Project Office Portfolio and Program Management Office
    • Demand Management: Project Request Tracker, Project Request Manager and Project Forecast Manager
    • Work Management: Work Tracker and Work Manager

Special Offer:

Through December 31, 2013, qualified Atidan clients can receive the BrightWork Project Office Jumpstart for $20K, a $35K value.

BrightWork Solution Data Sheet

Using SharePoint for Project Management

Free SharePoint 2010 / 2013 / Office 365 Templates from BrightWork

Contact the Atidan team for additional information about our project management and SharePoint solutions, development and support services: 

Free SharePoint Project Management Templates- Extend Out-of-the-Box SharePoint to Manage Projects

Free SharePoint Project Management Templates

Extend Out-of-the-Box SharePoint to Manage Projects

Atidan and our partner, BrightWork, have a gift for you: free project management templates to help you manage projects using out-of-the-box SharePoint. And they’re yours for free!

Available for SharePoint 2010 and/or SharePoint 2013.  Download here:


Get started fast with the Lite template that gives you just enough project management to create and track a project on SharePoint with the greatest of ease.

Add extra project management with the Structured template that delivers a more coordinated environment to manage a project on SharePoint – along with an optional sync to Microsoft Project Professional.

Download these templates and you will get:

  • The ability to capture and organize project goals, issues, risks, tasks and more
  • Out of the box My Work reports, Gantt charts, discussion forums and team calendars
  • Project status reports for real-time project visibility
  • An optional sync with Microsoft Project
  • Access to the Free Templates Community for helpful tips, more free resources and guidance information from other free template users.

The templates will run on all versions of SharePoint 2010 and 2013, including Office 365. You select the version you want to download after registration.


Project Office Jumpstart Offer from Atidan and BrightWork – Three Week PMO

Atidan is pleased to partner with BrightWork, the first collaborative Project and Portfolio Management solution built on Microsoft SharePoint. BrightWork enables any organization to instantly deploy an affordable amount of project, portfolio and everyday work management, delivering immediate visibility and control.

Contact us at for a personalized demonstration, free trial and for our special Project Office Jumpstart offer!

Have your SharePoint Project Office up and running in as little as three to four weeks!

The Project Office JumpStart uses best practices and a proven deployment approach to rapidly implement a fully working Project Office using Microsoft SharePoint, BrightWork and Atidan integration expertise.  The JumpStart bundle includes: (i) software; (ii) mentoring / training; (iii) support for one year. The JumpStart is available in both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010.  SharePoint 2013 is coming very soon!


  • 50 perpetual end-user licenses of BrightWork with all BrightWork templates included

Deployment Services

  • Project scoping, planning and setup, and needs definition
  • Installation and configuration of the BrightWork solution
  • Design of the local Project Office hierarchy
  • Configuration of at least 2 templates to manage 2 different project types
  • Configuration of 1 Project Office/rollup template for program level reporting across projects
  • Introductory training for support staff and end users

Support and Upgrades for 1 Year

  • Support & New Releases: access to all core product and template upgrades and releases including new platform upgrades.
  • Training Environment: access to the Customer Training Environment and associated training materials with the rights to customize as needed.
  • Health Check:  Atidan will conduct an annual Health Check to include advice and recommendations.


  • Special offer through December 31, 2013: $20K


BrightWork sites are created using templates. BrightWork is supplied with number of templates of varying complexity, for managing work, single and multiple projects and managing project demand. You select the template you need based on the degree of project management process and structure that you require. Unlike with the SharePoint Site Gallery, you can examine and configure a template before you decide to use it. You can also create your own templates from project sites or other templates, allowing you to reuse a successful project site so that both you and your fellow BrightWork users will be familiar with it and harness lessons learnt from previous projects.

View our latest webinar HERE

View or latest presentation slides HERE

The current release of BrightWork includes:

The BrightWork templates are not just for project managers. BrightWork templates support the four main project roles typically involved in project management: (i) Team Members, (ii) Project Managers, (iii) Program Managers / Senior Managers and (iv) Project Office teams.

Manage Work Items Manage Single Project Manage Multiple Projects Manage Incoming Project Requests

Project Management Capabilities

There are a number of very well defined industry project management approaches such as the PMI®, PRINCE2®, MSF (Microsoft Solutions Framework), SCRUM, SEI-CMMI®, etc. These models all define the process of project management in similar and at the same time different ways, however they all bring something valuable to the table.

Rather than map BrightWork to every model this page seeks to describe a common set of project management processes that are covered to varying degrees in most of the formal models and then to map BrightWork to these common processes.

Many of the common project management models break the project management discipline into key areas.  Presented here are a set of common project management key areas and the related support they receive from BrightWork on the SharePoint platform.

Project Management

BrightWork comes with a variety of single project management templates covering projects of different types. These templates can optionally have a Microsoft Project style project management schedule with task dependencies and an optional import / export with Microsoft Project.

All BrightWork project management templates come with many project reports (including Gantt reports, My Work reports, Work reports, Resource Usage Tracking reports, Issue reports and all with Charts and graphs). Importantly all of the reports can be distributed in a number of very flexible ways from the web-part user interface (e.g. printed, emailed and exported to Excel or XML or SQL Server).

Program Management

BrightWork comes out of the box with templates that give organizations a very fast starting point for managing across many projects.

As all BrightWork templates are delivered on SharePoint, they are extremely customizable using the normal features inherent in the SharePoint platform for customizing sites, lists, web-parts, etc.

Process Management

Organizations are typically so challenged when it comes to managing the actual projects, that managing the process that is used for project management becomes too much to get to in many cases. BrightWork allows organizations to bake the local processes into usable project management templates thus reducing the need for extensive process documentation, as the process of how to manage the project is largely contained in the template that the project teams use.

Next challenge is figure how to capture the actual project management process improvements that are used on real projects. BrightWork comes with a Templates area and with functionality that allows for the easy capture and subsequent reuse of best practices.

BrightWork also has hooks from the actual project sites to allow teams to point from the project site to process documentation as needed.

Product Management

Each of the lists in the BrightWork templates is composed of Special Columns (e.g. Visual Indicators, Unique Id’s, etc.) and BrightWork comes with enhanced SharePoint lists for the major work products of project management (e.g. Risks, Issues, Teams, Roles, Project Statement, Change Requests, Bugs, Iterations, Phases, Milestones, Goals, Commitments, Deliverables, Requirements, Project Post Mortem, etc.).  BrightWork will also work with custom lists your organizations defines for work products that are particular to your own organization.

Portfolio and Priority Management

Organizations have competing demands for limited resources.  Customers (whether internal or external) ask for new projects, extra deliverables on existing projects, support requests, minor enhancements, issues to be sorted, etc.  BrightWork has lists, reports and templates to facilitate the management of the different types of change requests, including templates to manage the pipeline of new work and project requests.

People Management (incl. Resource Management)

There is a huge variety in the work assigned to people right across any organization.

There is also a multitude of sources from which the work can be assigned. This is not ideal as it is harder to manage but it is the reality of managing work and projects in today’s dynamic organizations.

BrightWork eases the pain by making it easy to assign work or project assignments to individuals.

BrightWork also notifies or reminds people of the upcoming or overdue work on their plates.

BrightWork also delivers reports of who is assigned what work and also can indicate who is over loaded / under loaded.

Partner Management (incl. vendors and suppliers)

Many BrightWork customers use the project management templates to manage projects with external stakeholders like partners and vendors and customers.

Since BrightWork sits on SharePoint it is fully web accessible. BrightWork also has the unique capability to email project update reports from SharePoint to the various stakeholders.

Some BrightWork customers have added their external partners to their own sites while others have elected to use BrightWork Online, the hosted version of BrightWork.

Price, Cost and Budget Management

Most of the BrightWork lists and reports are setup to optionally support the tracking of planned and actual cost information.

Thus teams can elect to track or not track cost in BrightWork. Indeed some teams and templates may track cost and some may elect not to if this is the right decision for the organization.

The BrightWork reports have the unique facility added to SharePoint where they can total and display costs information from multiple lists in many different projects.

BrightWork also has the ability to chart and graph this cost information as needed.

Again BrightWork can be used to manage projects with or without cost information.

Unique Capabilities

BrightWork includes many unique capabilities and features that truly take SharePoint to the next level for successful project management.


The BrightWork templates approach means that you get to decide how much project management to apply in each situation. We think templates are so important that we gave them a section all of their own. <more>


Work and Project Management is all about knowing what is going on. Is my project late? What work do I have to do today? One of the advantages of the SharePoint platform is that it so easily stores information in lists and libraries. However it is very difficult to get the information back from the same lists and libraries with the native SharePoint capabilities.

BrightWork includes many different report types (Gantt Charts; Project Status; Resource Tracking; Work Tracking; Issue Tracking; Charts and Graphs).

Reports can be Printed, emailed and exported to a variety of sources: Microsoft Excel (including to a web query); XML; and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

All reports are highly configurable through the BrightWork web part’s settings page and can be further reused, edited and extended via the BrightWork Reporter Library and Report Editor.

Smart Project Management

BrightWork also includes a number of SharePoint enhanced features for Smarter Project Management. See below for selection of highlights.

Project Metrics & KPIs

Project metrics are important because they give you and the other project stakeholders an easy, objective and scientific way of measuring the progress of the project, and also the grounds with which to make important decisions as to the direction and scope of the project. The BrightWork Project Metrics list enables you to track and capture metrics (e.g. number of red issues; Project Health; number of overdue items) relating to the project and feed this information to reports, charts and KPI web parts. The Metrics list also enables you to define Target, Warning and Danger ranges for the metric and to associate traffic light indicators (KPIs) with these ranges when the metric is compared to a fixed target value or to a value in another metric.

Status Reports

BrightWork of course includes live up to the minute status reports, but what if you wanted to review the project status from a week ago or a month ago? BrightWork includes a workflow that enables you to capture a snapshot of the current project status. This enables you to maintain a historical record of the progress of the project.

Enhanced Project Plan Syncing

The Microsoft Project Professional 2010 to SharePoint 2010 sync feature brings some much needed project collaboration to Microsoft Project; however, this does not mean that the feature cannot be improved for more streamlined project management. With the BrightWork Project Structured template, the relationship between the project site and the Microsoft Project plan is established automatically. Additional column mapping is provided for reporting on extra Microsoft Project data such as costs, baselines and durations.

Smart Site Copy

BrightWork includes a proprietary site copy feature that does not rely on the Solution Gallery and gives far greater granularity than is offered by vanilla SharePoint. Advantages to the BrightWork Copy Site feature include:

  • All Solution Gallery Issues are addressed and remedied
  • Assignee and Owner values are preserved
  • Ability to specify which list and library content (i.e. list items and documents) is copied
  • Views in sites that use the List View Web Part (LVWP) – likely if the source was originally upgraded from SharePoint 2007 – will be created using the new XSLT List View Web Part (XLV). See here for more information on the XLV.

Enhanced Lists

BrightWork includes a number of additional list types such as Project Risks, Project Goals, Project Statement that are designed with specific project management functions in mind.

All BrightWork lists included tailored alerts; assignee email notification and reference numbering.

Hierarchy Support

Out of the box SharePoint tends to treat every site like an island. BrightWork believes that this is not appropriate for organizations with more than one current project! BrightWork supports and enhances the SharePoint as a hierarchy concept, for example, every department (e.g. marketing, engineering) may have their own subset of projects. They will need a location where they can see rollup information pertaining to these projects in a single location. All BrightWork reports can report on sites located below them in the hierarchy. The hierarchy web part provides access to the hierarchy.