OpenText Boosts Governance & Information Access for Microsoft® SharePoint® Deployments

Atidan is pleased to announce Opentext AGA for SharePoint 10.5   Highlights include faceted browsing, enhanced bi-directional integration with SAP® solutions, FAST Search support and better user experience.

Waterloo, ON – June 26, 2012 – OpenText™ (NASDAQ: OTEX, TSX: OTC) today announced the availability of OpenText Application Governance and Archiving (AGA) for Microsoft® SharePoint® 10.5, which provides SharePoint users with one of the most advanced, integrated, complete content lifecycle solutions for managing SharePoint sites and mission critical business information across an enterprise.


Broadly viewed as the industry’s leading information governance solution for SharePoint, OpenText AGA 10.5 offers businesses powerful new features including:


  • Simplified navigation of large content volumes – Faceted browsing lets users leverage metadata to navigate through vast volumes of content more efficiently so they can easily access information in OpenText Content Server through SharePoint. Container specific views also allow users to view context-relevant metadata.


  • Enhanced Archiving and Compliance – Customers can take advantage of significant refinements in OpenText’s ability to archive SharePoint content, whether it be long-term archiving of SharePoint lists or support for more complex data types. This improves the overall flexibility, performance and manageability of access to specified content.


  • Stronger Integration with OpenText xECM for SAP Solutions – Enhanced support for OpenText Extended ECM for SAP® solutions brings the bi-directional access of content to users of SharePoint and SAP software. End users can now leverage work done in SAP workspaces through SharePoint, or extend access to content and projects created in SharePoint through an SAP workspace.


  • Support for Microsoft FAST Search for SharePoint – Users can now search and index Content Server content quickly and easily using Microsoft’s FAST Search technology whether it is full text or document metadata.


“OpenText has once again raised the bar by offering the most advanced and complete solution for SharePoint integration for enterprise information governance,” stated Lubor Ptacek, Vice President, Strategic Marketing and General Manager, Microsoft Solutions at OpenText. “By integrating with SAP solutions and providing our customers with the ability to search and navigate through vast volumes of data, we are taking yet another step in our strategy towards helping customers get more value out of their information and their SharePoint deployments.”


Organizations in all industries and vertical markets depend on Microsoft SharePoint for its ability to connect people and the content they need to succeed through a simple, easy-to-use interface. OpenText AGA 10.5 helps organizations to drive SharePoint adoption while managing the growth of SharePoint sites to ensure that broader compliance and archiving policies are met, provide open access to all enterprise content, and reduce ongoing administration and storage costs. By providing access to content from all enterprise sources directly from within SharePoint in the context of business applications and processes, it also helps to improve user productivity. This ultimately increases the value of content by giving organizations a comprehensive, well-managed, and long-term approach to preservation of corporate memory and sound information governance.


OpenText is a global leader in developing enterprise-class content and process solutions for the Microsoft SharePoint ecosystem, offering solutions that span archival, governance, document capture, faxing, records management, business process management, case management, and more. Together with Microsoft, OpenText helps enterprise customers improve security, boost innovation and gain a competitive advantage while reducing costs through new efficiencies. A Microsoft Gold Certified partner, OpenText has won numerous Microsoft partner awards, including 2011 ISV Partner of the Year. To learn more about OpenText solutions for Microsoft SharePoint go to



OpenText Application Governance and Archiving for Microsoft SharePoint 10.5 is available immediately through OpenText and Atidan.


Why is this important?

  • SharePoint is being actively used in more than 70% of organizations today (AIIM); it is without question part of the Information Infrastructure.
  • AGA is the solution that “makes” it a connected part of the infrastructure and ensures that:
    • SharePoint users can connect to the content they require, in a secure and compliant environment, under managed permissions.
    • Organizations are governing not only SharePoint sites and content but governing the people who use it.
    • SharePoint content is given a lifecycle that can be managed alongside other content from other information systems such as Exchange, File Systems, SAP and more.
    • End-users can work in their preferred environment and connect to the same content be it through native OpenText interfaces, SharePoint or SAP Workspaces.
    • Organizations are seeing TCO and ROI value immediately through storage optimization from SharePoint externalization or through HSM benefits of long-term archival.

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