Free Lync User Training SharePoint Site Content from Atidan

Atidan recently received very special content from Microsoft – essentially a ‘Lync User Readiness & Training’ SharePoint site.  This can be installed within your own SharePoint  or SharePoint Online Intranet and customized as needed for your users.

Essentially, it is a collection of training documents, guides, instructions, videos, on demand training classes, live class registration links, and helpful tips.  Much of the content is loaded onto your own dedicated SharePoint site and some are links to external Microsoft sites.

We will install this at NO CHARGE for your company.  Any modification requests, customizations, etc, would fall under our standard support and development services.  Perhaps this is a good time to start a ‘Technology Training/Reference/Support’ site for your company (Maybe within an IT or HR Sub-site?)


 Lync Training 4 Lync Training 5 Lync Training 1 Lync Training 2 Lync Training 3

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