Atidan Document Explorer for Sharepoint 2010

After the resounding success of first Document Explorer for SharePoint 2007, Atidan launched an improvised Document Explorer product on SharePoint 2010 at recently concluded Microsoft SharePoint Conference in October 2011.

User can browse through the documents in the document library just like the normal windows explorer using Atidan’s Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 Document Explorer!! You can view documents in document libraries residing at site level and its content in an intuitive, collapsible, hierarchical format. Documents can be searched by typing the keywords in the search bar, On Key Type search allow users to find relevant documents quickly . Document Explorer loads documents dynamically for better performance. Ability to upload documents to document library with single click is added as an add on feature.


Document Explorer comes with two different variations.

  • Trial Version: User can explore all the features of the product by downloading the free trial version of the software.
  •  Server License: You can purchase the server licenses for Sharepoint 2010 of the product.

Atidan offers following support services for the licensed version of the product.

  • Premium support: Along with the product user can purchase the premium support which would offer the priority technical support attention from our technical support team.
  •  Standard support: It would offer basic technical support with response time of 2 business days.

For Details Information about the product “Atidan Document Explorer for Sharepoint 2010” you can visit our Webstore at


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